Full title: Fostering European Integration of the Republic of Moldova with the specific accent on the agriculture sector

Acronym EUAGRO

Reference Number: 610667-PPE-1-2019-1-MDEPPJMO-PROIECT

Project Start: 16 October 2019

Duration: 24 Months

Beneficiary State Agrarian University of Moldova (SAUM)

The EUAGRO project mainly concerns information activities and dissemination of knowledge regarding the European Union and its processes in the agricultural sector.

Project objectives:

1. To boost the knowledge and increase the level of familiarisation the areas related to the triangle of knowledge, civil society organization on EU policies, in general, and toward MD, in particular, with the main focus on agricultural policy and its mechanisms towards Moldova;
2. To foster cooperation between academic world, policy makers, civil society and youth regarding the EU policies with the main focus on agricultural policy;
3. To project the opportunities, achievements and obstacles of the European Integration processes of Moldova within European Neighbourhood Policy;
4. To increase knowledge of the target groups on the progress achieved by Moldova within WTO by signing Association Agreement;
5. To integrate students who are not automatically come into contact with EU integration studies and to increase their understanding of the integration process of Moldova into EU space within ENP and EaP, AA by realising the interuniversity training seminars;
6. To promote involvement in a public policy dialogue regarding agricultural integration of Moldova’s products into EU market;
7. To improve understanding within the EU of the actual development problems and tendencies on EU policies with the main focus on agricultural policy and its mechanisms towards Moldova.